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At Elim we designed and formulated 3 innovative systems for hands, feet and body that would guarantee results.  How? 

We selected maximum actives to create results.

The MediHand system is based on Natural Science to encourage true healing of the hands. As with all of the products here at Elim, this range is inspired by your body’s own wisdom and power. Ingredients are selected to strengthen and sustain the natural abilities of the skin.

Our hands are constantly exposed to the sun and as we age, we develop signs of aging and pigmentation. We specifically formulated this range to treat and reverse these signs of aging through carefully combining health-giving Vitamins and Nutritive Minerals, all-powerful helpers in nourishing and improving skin tone.

Age Reversal Hand Cream - A treatment for mature hands and ageing hands with pigmentation. It restores a perfect and even skin tone by blocking the melanogenesis process at several levels by protecting the skin and preventing its inflammation. The active ingredients are 4x times more potent than Vitamin C, 60x more efficient than kojic acid. Visible results after only 28 days and long lasting results after 3 months when used together with Hydro-Thermal Exfoliant daily.

Ultra Rich Hand Therapy - Infused with Vitamins, Oat Proteins and Hibiscus extracts restores moisture to dry skin for up to 12 hours. A range of a combination of UV absorbers, healing activities, PH adjusters and ingredients to improve collagen production. It also contains active skin protectors and Vitamins for skin restoration. This is no ordinary hand cream that only hydrates. It is active from all side.

Hydro-Thermal Exfoliant - A unique PH balancing daily exfoliant which enhances penetration of minerals and anti-ageing actives. It contains Zeolite, a negatively-charged compound which acts like a magnet to attract positively charged toxins. For the best result use the exfoliant before applying the cream.

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SPF 30

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Illuminating Nail Cleanser - Antibacterial nail whitener that brightens your nails for a natural french manicured look. The ingredients listing includes Vit C and natures very own nail whitener, Papain enzymes. Apply your Illuminating Nail Cleanser to your nailbrush and give your nails a daily scrub for cleaner, healthier and stronger nails.

Cuticle MD - An antibacterial cuticle rescue with a blend of 10 oils to feed, hydrate and protect. Coconut Oil protects against bacteria, Vit E cares for dry, brittle nails, Citrus Oil fights irritations, Moriches Palm Oil is deep penetrating, Soybean Oil, Calendula Oil, Grape Seed Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Arnica Extract, Tiare Flower Extract for healing and Tocopherol is antioxidant.

Cuticle Remover - A PH balanced formula with Sodium Hydroxide to dissolve cuticles in seconds making it easy for removal. The added Sweet Almond Oil protects and nourishes the cuticle to avoid dryness.


We designed a system that focuses on compromised areas but not leaving the relaxing experience behind. 

The MediHeel system was designed to give you a long-lasting result on the feet focusing on the dry area around the heel. 

Overall a superior approach to pedicures with products containing facial grade ingredients.


SPA Additive - With Tea Tree, Niaouli and Rosemary Oil this antifungal foot soak was designed to specifically target bacterial causing foot odour. This super additive not only cleanses the feet and nails but is a natural antiseptic that fights fungal and bacterial infections of the skin and feet. The Elim Spa Additive increases blood circulation and eases puffiness and swelling. Clear salt crystals and Bicarb of Soda acts as a carrier and a neutralizer for the feet.


AHA Foot Exfoliant - A combination of Glycolic & Lactic Acids that peels & exfoliate with natural Jojoba Oil Beads and Cellulose. The formula provides the amino acids required for the formation of collagen and is packed with hydration actives, leaving feet and lower legs soft and smooth in appearance.

Foot Perfector - With its unique Moisture Lock system the Foot Perfector contains a range of Vitamins and Oils to nourish and protect the feet. Shea butter, Urea and Honey was added for super hydration while Collagen plumps up fine wrinkles on the feet. Contains Vit E and Pro Vitamin B5. With its unique gel powder technology ensures a slip free non-oily experience after application. Use regularly the AHA Foot Exfoliator to gently remove all the dead skin on your feet to help the Foot Perfector cream fully absorb.

Skin Care


The Elim aspirations are to keep developing these industries with the latest technology keeping up with the revolutionary discoveries we see in facial treatments.

The BodyScience System is a dramatic approach to increase skin elasticity and slow down ageing. It is our Soapless revolution that aims to protect the natural oils of the body with our elasticity enhancement range, infused with anti-inflammatory agents which makes it ideal for dry, dehydrated or sunburned skin. 

The unique soap-free approach guarantees results and increases the skin’s ability to stretch specifically during pregnancy and puberty. Pregnancy skin care is vital to reduce the harmful effects of stretch marks. Exfoliate daily and use the Restorative Body Cream at night. The Dry Argan Oil can comfortably be applied to the skin during the day. A system that combines 10 essential oils for the skin with added flower extracts and collagen.


Argan Body Gloss - Leaves the skin velvety smooth, radiant and glossy. Anti-oxidant Vitamin E protects the skin against free radicals while nutritional Argan oil increases elasticity and fights skin allergies. Contains Calendula, Rose, Arnica and Vitamin E oils. This product is safe to use on your face and body. The BodyScience Argan Body Gloss is a fast absorbing dry oil spray for instant hydration.


Restorative Body Cream - A body treatment with Collagen - a first of its kind. A rich indulgent cream that restores the body and firms the skin simultaneously. It protects the skin from environmental pollution while plant extracts and bio-minerals will firm the skin. It is an excellent moisturizer and contains powerful anti-inflammatory action. Although it is aimed at Pregnant women, we recommend the use of the Restorative Body Cream to growing teenagers and everyone with extremely dry skin too.

Exfoliating Body Polish - A natural nutrient-rich exfoliating polish leaving the skin invigorated and luminous. We have added a bit of shimmer, for that luxurious glamorous look. Elim Exfoliating Body Polish will gently remove all the dead skin cells with eco friendly pearls, while leaving a rich smooth sensation. Contains a blend of natural oils to hydrate the skin.


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