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Spirularin®NS Nail Serum offers a naturally effective solution for damaged or fungal nails, safe and simple to use for anyone including children, women during pregnancy and nursing, and even diabetics.

Just one drop distributed between all ten nails, and massaged into the nails & cuticles twice daily (morning & night) is all it takes - no filing or applying lacquers.

Thanks to its water-based formulation Spirularin®NS Nail Serum is able to pass through the nail plate into the nail bed, to target fungi and bacteria at the source for faster results in regenerating fungal nails.

Spiralin® Microalgae Extract: provides unique, active antimicrobial protection for the skin and nails, thanks to clinically proven antimicrobial properties (including against virus, fungi & bacteria) as well as having cell-regenerative properties. This (naturally!) targets a much broader range of fungi than the standard topical fungal nail treatment

Silver Molecule: natural antifungal properties – in combination with Spiralin® this offers an even broader antifungal spectrum to target different types of nail fungi

Witch Hazel Leaf Extract: hydrates the skin, cuticles and nails and helps restore the natural protection barrier to reduce risk of reinfection

Jojoba Seed Oil: nourishes the nails to ensure they do not dry out (which makes them more prone to infection) and ensures all nails regrow strong & healthy

Proven results. Recommended by podiatrists and health care professionals. Available at the clinic or online.


The Benefits Of The Naturally Effective Spirularin®VS Wart Cream

Warts are caused by the Human Pappilloma Virus (HPV). The virus can only spread in the body, by attaching to healthy skin cells and injecting its DNA. The unique microalgae extract Spiralin® contained in Spirularin®VS Wart Cream covers skin cells with an antiviral protective layer. This protective layer prevents the virus from entering into healthy cells.


  • Painless & wound free removal – due to antiviral & cell-regenerative properties of Spiralin®

  • Protects healthy skin cells – breaks lifecycle of wart-causing Human Papilloma Virus

  • Reduced risk of reinfection – no open wounds, willow bark extract & zinc rebalance skin

  • Can be used on warts anywhere on the body, but also ideal for plantar warts, or mosaic warts as it can be applied to larger areas

  • Fuss-free, economical application: massaged into wart & 2-3cm of surrounding skin 2x daily (morning & night)

  • Safe for children (3+ years) or diabetics



The wart may sometimes appear to get bigger as it is growing out. This is a good sign as it means the infected cells are being brought to the surface.

1 tube of Spirularin®VS Wart Cream is generally enough for a regular sized wart.


Made in Germany with 100% natural ingredients. No animal testing.

Recommended by podiatrists and health care professionals. Available at the clinic or online.

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