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A medical grade pedicure is a professional alternative to a traditional pedicure. The foot treatment is performed by a foot care professional in a safe and sterile environment. Unlike traditional salon pedicures which only focus on making the toes look good, they often neglect the real foot problems and can sometimes make them worse!

Medical pedicures are aimed not just at cleaning up the feet, but examining the nails, skin and foot as a whole to understand why particular issues occur. During your medical pedicure we will take care of the toenails by cleaning and shortening them and we can take care of any damaged and ingrown toenails, warts and fungal infections, corns and calluses, cracked heels. We will also discuss the particular concerns you have regarding your feet, skin and nails. A care plan will be discussed for on-going treatment if necessary.  


We all have different skin type and we all have different lifestyle which will determine the hard skin build up on our feet. If you have hard skin build up on your sole you will be advised to have callus removal included in your medical pedicure. Using professional medical products and different methods we can successfully remove corns and calluses. Depending on the skin type we do combine the usage of blades and podiatry machine.


To restore the skin of the feet and to achieve a long lasting result we must remove the hard skin gradually. Why? The action of deep blading sends a message of trauma to our brain which results in the overproduction and excessive build up of hard skin thus formation of calluses. Whilst nail salons don't remove calluses at all or in some cases they “shave” away the superficial layer, they can do a lot of damage and make your build up even worse. Nail salons are not qualified to remove calluses.


At the clinic we follow strict infection control standards which means that all of our instruments are to be sterilized immediately after use to ensure complete destruction of any disease-carrying microorganisms. We are also required to clean the treatment chair and any other surfaces after each client. Unfortunately, traditional nail salons are not held to the same standards which increases their risk of infections. 

The cost of the medical pedicure starts from $69 and the medical grade salon pedicure starts from $75 at our clinic. All our medical grade salon pedicure sessions include anti-ageing massage treatments and depending on which session you choose it can also include paraffin therapy, nourishing mask and callus removal. See pricing for more info.

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