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Hand&Foot Aesthetic Clinic

Hand&Foot Aesthetic Clinic offers preventative and restorative hand and foot care, focusing on nail health.

Since established in 2021, our clinic has become well known for offering European high-end? standard medical grade salon pedicures and manicures. We do combine medical & beauty aspects during our treatments. Our therapist are trained and supervised by a medically accredited hand and foot care specialist, to make sure that your hand and foot has the needed attention each time. In Europe we believe that there is more involved in a manicure and pedicure, before we start with beautifying. It is very important to use proper tools? instruments and the right skin and nail care products for each individual's needs. By not doing that can lead to vary of issues. We are also here to help you when the problem already occurred. Using natural and organic treatment options, we can help you to restore the conditions of your nails and skin (dry skin, cracked heels, infections, trauma). 


During our services we pay attention to high risk clients (who has diabetes, psoriasis, eczema, infection, blood ...?)  by treating them extra carefully using the relevant knowledge. We guaranty results by using innovative technology and the newest techniques from the industry leaders in Europe. All our products that we use are safe for diabetics, pregnant women and children age 3+. We only use medical grade and ISO certified nail/gel polishes. 

Read more about our specialist and her skills?????ABOUT US

TREATMENT MENU make sure you try japanese, classic enso

Besides the medical grade salon pedicure and manicure we do:

damaged and infected nails,

ingrown nails,

nail restorations,

diabetic foot care,

nail bracing


Hand&Foot Aesthetic Clinic offers preventative and restorative hand and foot care, with a primary focus on nail health.

Since our establishment in 2021, our clinic has gained recognition for providing European medical grade salon pedicures and manicures. Our unique approach involves seamlessly integrating both medical and beauty aspects into our treatments + in a relaxing enviroment???. Our therapists undergo training and supervision led by a medically accredited hand and foot health practitioner, ensuring that each session? or client? receives the necessary attention.

With European background we provide comprehensive approach to manicure and pedicure, emphasizing the importance of using the right tools, medical instruments and personalized skin and nail care products. Failing to do so can lead to various issues. Should any concerns arise, we're dedicated to assisting you in restoring the condition of your nails and skin, addressing concerns such as skin conditions, fassure? heels, infections and trauma, using non-invasive treatment options.

At Hand&Foot Aesthetic Clinic, we pay special attention to high-risk clients, including those with diabetes, psoriasis, eczema, infections, and blood-related conditions by handling these cases??? with extra care and relevant knowledge, ensuring the safety and well-being of our clients. We guarantee results through the use of innovative technology and the latest techniques from industry leaders in Europe. All our products are safe for diabetics, pregnant women, and children , utilizing only medical-grade and ISO-certified nail/gel polishes.


Initial Consultation $45?

What can you anticipate? In your individual consultation, our specialist will provide personalized advice on the most suitable treatment and guide you towards the therapy that best meets your needs. Prioritizing the health of our clients' feet and hands is paramount to us, aiming to rejuvenate and enhance beauty in a single session.

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