Damaged, weak nails? If you are looking to have healthy and strong nails, here is a solution that gives you and instant result. 

Keratin nail treatment is a great way to give nails a strengthening boost. Keratin helps to stop your nails from splitting, peeling and breaking as it works to rebuild your nails’ structure, so in time they will become a lot stronger and in turn, longer.


This strong formula features Hydrolyzed keratin peptides to fortify damaged nail proteins. The elixir is infused with Panthenol Bio-Organics Complex which keeps nails moisturized even under harsh environmental conditions. As a nourishing treatment hydrates and protects the nail from further breakage. With 20% active ingredients keratin peptides target and correct breaks, splits, and peeling nails by bonding with your damaged nail keratin to instantly repair and protect.

The keratin serum is applied to your natural nails at the end of your manicure session. For best results you shall repeat the treatment. 

When possible use daily for two weeks then apply to the natural nail every other day. For extremely damaged nails use up to 8 weeks prior to resuming use of lacquer and other nail enhancements.