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Regular hand and foot care treatments are not just helping to stay healthy but also ensures you always look and feel your best. At the Clinic we offer a variety of treatments using the latest in expert skin and nail care products while focusing on the medical approach.

All our pedicure sessions are private and are performed to the highest European standards for an effective yet relaxing treatment.



Essential Medical Pedicure

Regular Appointment max30min $69
Long Appointment   
max60min $129

During a Regular Appointment, we will take care of the toenails by cleaning and shortening them. This service is advised for those who don`t have any issues with their nails, who don`t have corns or calluses, hard skin built up. It`s a quick foot care service for a regular maintenance. 

Please note this session does not include foot bath, exfoliating scrub, massage or nail polish application nor dry skin removal.   

If you would like to be treated also for damaged or infected nails, corns and/or calluses, hard or dry skin on your feet, please book a Long Appointment.

Onychogryphosis surcharge (ram’s horn nails) $170*  

*with long appoinment only, total payable $289


Medical Grade Salon Pedicure

Refreshing 40min $85

Including: antibacterial refreshing bath, exfoliating scrub, deep cleaning and shaping the nails and the cuticle on toes following by a Marine Collagen anti-ageing treatment cream massage. 

Advanced incl.Callus/Corn Removal 60min $135

Corn Removal (if not included) 

Cosmetic Nail Restoration(med.grade)

Damaged/Infected Nail Removal

Nourishing Nail Polish(med.grade)

Long Lasting Gel Polish(med.grade)

Non-damaging gel polish removal


Medical Assessments

Surgery Free Ingrown Toenail Removal


whats included

$390, $120 additional

Acute (done within 48hrs) $490

Wound change $59

Nail Bracing $175+

...will chose the best brace...Titanium

One nail only $175, $120 for additional

$95 as add on with pedi

Kinesiology Taping $95

bunian  $60

this $80

that $80

Neurological Assessment for Diabetics   $95

how often advices, whats included

Custom Made Toe Spacers $95+

Cosmetic Nail Restoration

medical grade

One nail only $95, $135 for more than one

Including: antibacterial refreshing bath, exfoliating scrub, deep cleaning and shaping the nails and the cuticle on toes, CALLUS/CORN REMOVAL included, following by a Marine Collagen anti-ageing treatment cream massage. 

Including: antibacterial refreshing bath, exfoliating scrub, 20min NOURISHING MASK, deep cleaning and shaping the nails and the cuticle on toes, CALLUS/CORN REMOVAL included, following by a anti-ageing LUXURY treatment cream massage (Marine Collagen, AHA, Hyaluronic Acid, ProVit) and finishing with a 15 min PARAFFIN THERAPY (medical grade) and anti-oxidant argan oil mist.

AddOn Services

Starting from 1st September 2023, there will be slight adjustments to the pricing of our beauty services. We understand that pricing changes may require adjustments in your budget, and we want to assure you that we have done our best to keep these changes as minimal as possible while maintaining the highest quality of services.

We start a medical grade salon pedicure with an antibacterial refreshing bath and exfoliating scrub. All nails are cut and cleaned, then filed to make sure there are no rough edges. A burr is used to thin out the nails if needed. Any signs of ingrown nails will be addressed. To finish your treatment an anti-ageing lotion is applied to the feet through a gentle massage to help improve circulation, aid in fluid retention and release muscle tension in the feet. 

Rejuvenating incl.Callus/Corn Removal 90min $175



We care about nail health, therefore we dont work with acrylic, SNS, BIAB or polygel and we dont do extensions either. This also means we do not remove other salons` work. We aim to provide healthy and ethical services so we use medically approved nail- and gel-polishes together with high end aesthetic skin products for superior results. 

Our manicure sessions are performed in a private booth.

Medical Manicure and Therapies

Japanese Manicure from $100

This specific type of manicure is highly recommended for damaged nails (fragile, brittle and splitting nails). In fact, it helps to restore them to their pure-healthy pink shade and their natural shine. This is due to the ingredients contained in the natural paste applied during the treatment: vitamin A and E, provitamin B5, keratin, beeswax, several different oils such as jojoba and silica from the Sea of Japan. The minerals also allow the nails to grow faster and stronger. (find more info under our services menu) You may want to add "Age Reversal Hand Therapy" to this session to boost the elastin and collagen production in hands.

Therapeutic Manicure 8x20min $464


This is a short manicure service, 8 services in total, focusing on cleaning the cuticle area and shaping the nails. Best for someone who is planning to stop biting their nails or someone suffering from nail psoriasis. This is an ongoing treatment for 4 months with 20 minute sessions every 2 weeks. Pre-paid service ($58/session). Your first appointment will be a consultation to discuss a care plan. T&C apply.

Medical Grade Salon Manicure

Classic Manicure 30min  $75

 we start with soaking your hands followed by an  After that we shape your nails and clean the cuticle area we massage your hands with moisturizing lotion???. INCLUDING nourishing nail polish 

Rejuvenating Manicure 70min  $165

+ paraffin + age reversal therapy + massage INCLUDING polish

Oxygenating Bio Sculpture
application only 70min $119
application with soaking100min $139 


A healthy long lasting colour manicure that looks after your natural nail. Lasts up to 3-4 weeks and guaranties a non-damage removal. The first MEDICAL GRADE gel system designed to improve nail health with OXYGENATING TECHNOLOGY to prevent nail dehydration and the combination of Ginseng Root extract and Vitamins A, E, B rejuvenates and nourishes the nail and nailbed. No primers or bonders used. Non-toxic, cruelty free and vegan friendly. More info.

Add cream????



AddOn Services

Nail Strengthening with Silk  $10/ea

Age Reversal Hand Therapy                          10min  $40

With this therapy we use a unique PH balancing hydro-thermal exfoliant which enhances penetration of minerals and anti-ageing actives before we apply a deep cleansing, botanically rich clay mask and an ultra rich anti-ageing hand cream. Infused with 17 actives that detoxify, purify, protect, cleanse and hydrate for extreme results. With the added Vitamins, Oat Proteins and Hibiscus extracts it restores moisture to dry skin while improves collagen production and the active elastin booster reduces the appearance of wrinkles. Add this therapy to any hand care service when you book.

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All prices are in AUD. We support contactless payments and digital wallets. Prices are subject to change without notice, valid from 01.09.2023.

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